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Bolivia Wild Harvest

Bolivia Wild Harvest

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This is wild heirloom Cacao untouched by human hands - at least in known history.

I believe every cacao origin is special in some way or another, but maybe it could be said that some stand out from the crowd a bit more. This is one of those stand-outs. This origin is harvested from the Amazon Jungle, and not from any farm or plantation. This is cacao as nature intended, harvested by trekking into the rain forest where they can be found growing naturally then brought out to ferment and dry. 

The beans are smaller, but they pack an immense flavorful punch. I find this origin to be very distinct. It's smooth and creamy yet bold and tangy. The great adventure needed to get to these rare wild beans truly capture the essence of Odyssey Chocolate. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.